During the fall and holiday months, many families decide to have portraits taken, not just to put onto their Christmas cards but also because having pictures taken every year at the same time is the perfect way to see how the family changes from one year to the next. 

It also makes for great memories, and it’s enjoyable as well. If you’re interested in starting this tradition at any time, below are some great ideas for you as you begin this journey.

Holiday Family Photo

Holiday Family Portraits/Christmas Portraits

Holiday or Christmas family portraits are what many families look forward to each year around this time of year. While they are taken by a professional, they have a very family-oriented and “homey” look that the recipients will love. Best of all, you can choose from hundreds of poses and backgrounds, so whether you want the portraits to be flashy and funny or professional and traditional, the right photographer will make sure you get what you want.

If you’re going to take these types of portraits, make sure you choose a background or activity that the entire family loves. If your family loves the beach, for instance, you can choose a lovely beach as your background. Plan ahead when it comes to the outfits you’ll be wearing—many families choose matching clothing—and if your kids are small, you might want to bring some treats along because some of these photo sessions last a long time.

Fall / Holiday Cards

Fall or Holiday Cards

Not every family chooses fall holiday cards, but if you have a growing family and small children, this is a great idea. Your family and friends will want to see how the kids are growing, and fall is a great season because, after several months of summer heat, it provides you with cooler and more comfortable temperatures that make it a little easier to want to attend a photo session. The photographer can also add items in the background that give the photographs a warm feeling, which makes them even more appealing.

There are lots of good reasons to send out family cards in the fall, but one thing is certain—the people you send them to will always appreciate them. They allow you to catch up with friends and family members and give both you and the recipients something to look forward to every year. And since they’re not Christmas cards, they’ll be a nice surprise for the recipients. They also tend to be inexpensive, so you can order and send out these cards without breaking the bank.

Corporate event photography

Corporate Photography and Headshots

It’s always a good idea to keep headshots and other corporate photographs up-to-date at all times, and if you do this yearly, that will never be a problem. It gives board members, shareholders, and even employees a way to get to know your management team a little better, which helps all of these people feel more like an important part of the organization. Making a note to yourself every fall to get this done is super-easy, and it serves a lot of good purposes in the end.

To be sure, having professional photographs done of your family or management team once a year is a good idea for many reasons. The fall season is a great time of year to do this because it can get done before the busy Christmas season starts. You have to have Christmas photos done early in the season to send to your family and friends before December 25th, so scheduling the photos in early fall is a smart choice.

For both personal and business photos, planning early is essential if you want to make sure the photos are finished in time to send out to the people who deserve to see them.

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