Event photography is the term used for photography used for special events in our lives. A wedding is a special event that always has photographers there, but other special occasions require the same thing. 

To be sure, people want to capture these types of events with professional photography so the moment is never forgotten, and essentially lasts forever. In addition to weddings, below are some of the more common uses for event photography.

1. Birthday Photography

Birthdays are special occasions, especially when you get to some of the bigger ones or milestones, and if you decide to commemorate a loved one’s special birthday by hiring a photographer, they’ll know just what to do to make the event much more unique. Special birthdays, such as 21, 40, 50, and of course, 100, should be commemorated, and the right photographer will provide you with the assistance you need to make sure the birthday person feels extra special on that day.

Not only will the photographer get crisp, clear photographs of every aspect of the event, but they’ll also be sure to get natural-looking shots of all of the guests on that special day. They’ll stay out of your way as they get the shots, which means you can concentrate on other things. Most birthday parties that have photographers on hand are for the very young or very old, but you can hire a photographer for birthday parties regardless of how old the person is.

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2. Quinceañera / Sweet 16 Photography

A quinceanera is a birthday party given for a 15-year-old girl, but both this and a Sweet 16 party are there mostly to symbolize a young girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood. These parties are usually very big deals and have tons of names on the guest lists. Many of them are also formal or semi-formal, so it makes sense to hire a photographer to capture each moment of the party. Both Sweet 16 parties and quinceaneras are often very fancy and expensive, so it’s always important to choose the right photographer.

It works best if you find a photographer who has experience in these types of parties because you want one who is familiar with everything it entails. This way, the photographer will know just what to look for and what to do when photographing people. With events such as these, this is imperative, so you might want to interview a few photographers to make sure you choose the right one in the end.

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3. Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events are not at all like personal events, so again, you’ll need a photographer who is experienced with these types of events. Corporate events can include board meetings, retreats, conferences, seminars, and so many other activities. Whether these events are open to the public or not, the right photographer will know just how to accommodate your needs. They also take secrecy very seriously, so they will never repeat anything they hear in these events.

Even confidential corporate meetings are nothing to worry about because the photographer is there to capture the event in pictures and not pay attention to anything you’re discussing. They’ll take individual shots or casual shots, whatever you wish, and they’re so discreet that you’ll never even know they’re there. Try to find a photographer who specializes in corporate and commercial events so that you’re guaranteed all of the photographs turn out just right.

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4. Prom Photography

Prom photographers are very important parts of the entire dance. Let’s face it—everyone wants a great photograph taken at their prom to commemorate the event. This is a specialized talent because the pictures have to be taken quickly yet still be nice and clear. So once again, you should interview several photographers to make sure you find one with this type of experience. Usually, the photographers stand in the same location, and the attendees come to them, but they can also choose to walk around and capture natural photographs of people dancing and having a good time at some point.

Prom photographs include pictures of attendees that they buy to commemorate the occasion, as well as pictures that will go into the school yearbook and newspaper. Prom photographers have to be quick on their feet and able to catch spontaneous actions throughout the night. Teenagers move fast, and you need a photographer who can move at a fast pace and still capture all of the things going on from start to finish.

5. Fun Family Photography

Lots of families hire a photographer to capture special family moments. Many of them do this annually, usually around holidays and Christmas time, especially families with young children. Indeed, it is fun to look at the progress made and how much each child has grown from one year to the next. Family photographs are even better when they’re spontaneous and contain pictures of family members doing things such as playing together or spending time at their favorite locations, such as the beach or mountains.

If you need a photographer, for this reason, you can usually either go to a studio or have them come to your home. Photographers who take these types of pictures can also meet you somewhere that will make the perfect background and will cause the pics to look natural instead of “posed” and unrealistic. When it comes to event photography, the best photographer is a must, and as long as they have experience in this particular area, your photos should come out perfect.


If you think about it, you can come up with lots more reasons to hire a professional photographer. These experts are experienced in all types of photography, and if you interview more than one of them and take a look at their portfolios, it should be easy to choose the right one. Even better, most of them have great websites that show lots of pictures they’ve taken and answer most, if not all, of the questions you have. Commemorating any special event with a professional photographer also costs you a lot less than you think, and it is all very well worth it in the end.

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