Getting married is an exciting adventure but one that involves many decisions, such as choosing the right wedding venue. Luckily, we are blessed with many gorgeous wedding venues in our city, including outdoor wedding venues in Atlanta for nature-loving couples, Atlanta rooftop weddings for a ceremony with a view, and affordable Atlanta weddings and small wedding venues in Atlanta for couples on a budget.

With so many options, it can be hard to pick out which are the best wedding venues in Atlanta or which one is right for you. Here are some guidelines for the best options in town to give you a starting point.

Outdoor Wedding Venues 

With nearly year-round gorgeous weather, outdoor wedding venues in Atlanta do brisk business. Plus, the city and its outskirts have plenty of gorgeous scenery to provide the best backdrop for your wedding. 

An outdoor wedding venue is an elegant, graceful, yet natural setting. It is perfect for a couple that loves nature and the outdoors or wants a sophisticated garden party vibe for the wedding.

There are a few options for outdoor wedding venues in town, but here are some of our favorites.

The Piedmont Room

The Piedmont Room is one of the city’s classic events venues. A former golf course clubhouse, its interior is decorated in a lavish gold, ivory, and marble scheme that conjures up elegance.

However, the true draw of the Piedmont Room is the Piedmont Garden Tent, a lush outdoor tent set up for weddings. The natural setting is gorgeous since the Piedmont Room is located in Piedmont Park.

However, the Piedmont Garden Tent allows you to maintain some of the comforts of an indoor wedding, such as protection from the weather, heating, and air conditioning. The Piedmont Room and Garden Tent are perfect for couples who want outdoor weddings but worry about the weather.

Cator Woolford Gardens

The Cator Woolford Gardens are part of the Frazer Center, an Atlanta center dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities. All proceeds from hosting the wedding go to the Frazer Center, so if you want to toss your bouquet with a mission, the Cator Woolford Gardens are the place to go.

The gardens are set in an Italian-style landscape on an old 1920s-era Atlanta estate. As you walk the paths and celebrate with your family, you will bask in the Old-World charm. The Cator Woolford Gardens are one of the best small wedding venues in Atlanta. 

The Trolley Barn

If you want an outdoor wedding venue that is more casual than historic and classy, then The Trolley Barn is for you. This historic barn offers a beam-roofed interior for weddings as well as a patio and garden for outdoor ceremonies, giving you the best of both worlds.

Rooftop Weddings 

Atlanta rooftop weddings are becoming more and more popular. Couples enjoy the romance of the city view of Atlanta stretching behind them as they make their vows. 

The photographs will look fantastic, and guests will have a wonderful view as well. There are many places with great views in our city, but here are some of the ones that double as excellent wedding venues as well.

The Peachtree Club

The Peachtree Club is one of the most popular wedding venues in all of Atlanta for a reason. This high-rise is located on Peachtree Street, one of Atlanta’s major thoroughfares, and offers views from 28 stories up. Sit indoors in the luxurious dining hall or take in the view from the outdoor terrace for an unobstructed glimpse at Atlanta.

The venue accommodates 100–200 guests, depending on your meal option. It is one of the most popular wedding venues in Atlanta, so book early if you can.

The ROOF at Ponce Street Market

Ponce Street Market is a vibrant shopping mall and a food court that is a favorite for hip Atlanta residents, but fewer people know that it is also home to a hip wedding venue. 

Normally, The ROOF is a popular destination for entertainment and drinks with a view, but you can also rent it out for your private events, including a wedding.

When you book a wedding at The ROOF, you get great views in a rustic chic location, catering, and support from dedicated onsite professionals. 

Affordable Weddings

Not all couples want to have extravagant weddings. Whether you’re saving money for your future together or aren’t sold on the wisdom of spending thousands on one day, these affordable wedding venues can help you save money on wedding planning while still enjoying your special day. 

One of the best ways to save money on your wedding is to have a small ceremony. Small ceremonies are a way to share your special day with only your closest people and really make memories with those who matter.

Vines Mansion

Vines Mansion is one of the best places for affordable Atlanta weddings even though it is not technically in the city of Atlanta itself but in the suburb of Loganville. Renting the venue gets you to access to 25 acres of the sprawling grounds, which used to be a botanical garden. If you wish, you also get to use the Vines Mansion, which was once a historic private home. The mansion is broken into five events spaces.

Besides the gorgeous views, Vines Mansion has everything on-site that you need to make your wedding go smoothly, including designers and event coordinators. The best part is that the space is more affordable than many similar places located within Atlanta.

The Opal Event Hall

The Opal Event Hall is a classic banquet hall located in the center of the city that is one of the best wedding venues in Atlanta for a ceremony that won’t break the bank. The simple catering hall is a multi-purpose event space with a banquet hall, simple yet elegant décor, and services to support your wedding. 

Plus, it’s a great choice if you don’t want to compromise on your guest list, as it can seat 300–400 guests but is still relatively affordable.

The Westside Warehouse

The Westside Warehouse is the perfect wedding venue for creative couples. Located in one of Atlanta’s hippest neighborhoods, the venue has a rustic, industrial feeling that will lend a simple charm to your wedding ceremony without breaking the bank like a wedding at a manor house would.

Plus, the wedding venue is ADA-accessible, making it a great place to accommodate all of your guests. Work with their in-house caterers and a helpful list of pre-approved vendors or bring in your own. The Westside Warehouse is more flexible than other venues with outside vendors, which can help you save money.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a wedding venue from some of the many options available in Atlanta is hard, but one way to narrow it down is to look at what you and your partner value. If you love the outdoors and natural elegance, an outdoor wedding venue is a great way to go. If you want a modern feeling, a rooftop wedding is a unique option. 

Finally, if you prefer to save your money for other expenses, there are many affordable wedding venues and places where you can have an intimate ceremony that will make your special day one of the best ever.

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