When you book a professional photographer for your wedding, family photo shoot, or another occasion, the photographer will usually offer you photography and videography packages. However, you might not know what that means.

Elopement photography packages and wedding photography packages usually contain several edited photos, raw negatives, and maybe even prints. However, these vary from photographer to photographer, so you should always check beforehand. 

If you’re wondering, “What should I look for in a wedding photography package?” this information can help you feel prepared for your conversation with the photographer.

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What Are Photography and Videography Packages?

Photography packages are pre-set combinations of photography services, photos, prints, and negatives that the photographer offers clients for a set price. 

While clients and photographers can negotiate the specific contents of a photography package, having a pre-set package makes it easier because people know what to expect and have a starting point for what they need.

Usually, packages will include a set number of photos, editing services, online password-protected galleries, and some physical prints of different sizes. Event photography packages will include a set time that the photographer will be present in the package.

Videography packages are similar to photography packages except they include video services, not photos. A package can include event highlight videos, full video recordings, and preview snippets. Most photographers don’t offer videography packages as taking videos is a separate skill from taking photos.

Photography and videography packages are usually suggestions, and most professionals are open to negotiations. Be polite and communicative about your needs, but also be willing to listen to the photographer’s rationale about why certain things are included and others are not because they may be a reason.

If you ask for extra photos in addition to the package, you will probably also have to pay more.

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What Is in Elopement Photography Packages?

An elopement is a way to have a wedding that is just about you and your partner, with no guests, seating plans, or family demands necessary. You can still commemorate your special day with an elopement photo shoot booked with a photographer.

Since elopements look different from traditional weddings, elopement photography packages will also include different things. Usually, a photo session will be more affordable because it only lasts a few hours, instead of the six to eight hours that an entire wedding day will last. 

In terms of deliverables, the photographer will usually provide raw files on a USB or online gallery as well as selected edited images in an online gallery. 

Some photographers include prints or canvases; others allow you to pay extra for add-on printed photos, while others include a print release so you can get your favorites developed and printed elsewhere.

Since many elopements take place in remote destinations, if you are hiring a photographer from your hometown and want them to go with you to your elopement destination, you will have to pay for their travel and lodging as well.

What Is in Wedding Photography Packages?

Wedding photography packages include services and physical deliverables. The services include how long the coverage will be on the day, including pre-ceremony photo shoots, as well as backup options such as the presence of a second photographer.

Physical deliverables in wedding photography packages usually include photos on a USB stick, edited digital photographs, an online gallery accessible to you and your guests, some prints, and even a video slideshow. 

The details differ depending on the photographer, so shop around and ask questions to figure out which photographer has the package that is the closest to what you want for your ceremony.

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What Should I Look for in a Wedding Photography Package?

You can always negotiate what is in your wedding photography package but doing so without any information can feel like getting thrown into the deep end. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a package.

  • How many events are being photographed? If you have a church or courtroom ceremony and also want to photograph the reception, be sure to specify this with the photographer.
  • How many photographers will be present? Some photographers work with second photographers to ensure there is a backup in case of an emergency, but this adds to the cost.
  • How long will the shoot last? 
  • How many prints are included? Some photographers offer digital-only packages, so specify if physical prints are important to you.
  • Do you need coverage for travel and accommodation expenses?

Final Thoughts

Pre-set photography and videography packages make it a lot easier to decide what you will receive on your big day, and it makes your photographer’s life easier. However, always read the details and ask your photographer plenty of questions to avoid being disappointed if the package doesn’t match your expectations. You can also shop around to compare packages offered by different photographers. 

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