Congrats on your recent engagement. This journey to getting married is going to be fun but yet challenging. Planning for a wedding takes time and patience, but we are here to help! We put together some answers to some of the most common questions asked. Let's dive in!

Is 6 days enough to capture the wedding day?

YES! When it comes to the perfect wedding day pictures, all we need is the bride, the groom and a supportive audience. However long the event is , we will make it work. The wedding pictures can all be taken on the day of the event.

When it comes to edits, we do our best to get photos out quickly. Some photographers may decide to send bits and pieces as a “sneak peak”. Others may decide to do the big surprise and show everything at once. Whatever is decided, please be patient as we want you to love love love the photos for your special day. 

Before booking, here are some things to keep in mind. Space, Time, and Attire. Asking yourself how long you will set out time to have your pictures done is so important. Giving your photographer at least 2 hours to get wedding pictures for the groom, bride, and bridal party will allow a variety of photos that will make your memorable event come together.

Your wedding venue does not have to be extravagant but having pictures, again, with a variety, really helps your experience. Things like private dressing areas, backyards, lobbies, bed rooms, open areas, waterfalls, fountains, chandeliers, etc- can really bring light to your pictures.

For example, which would you prefer, 100 pictures, all in front of a wall or 100 pictures - 30 outside, 20 in the dressing room, 30 in the lobby and 20 elsewhere? Lastly, outfits make it all come together. Robe pics with bridesmaids, getting ready pics of bride, mom and groom or dad and bride pics. Reception outfit pics, anything you can think of brings light to the occasion and helps things look very professional. 

What Is the "First Look"?

For the Bride and Groom, the walk down the aisle is like a big reveal. You may wonder if you want first look photos, or rather wait until the grand stroll. What is the first look? It’s when fiancés’ see each other for the first time on the day they say, “I do”.

These intimate, emotionally driven moments make for captivating photos. The first look is a calmer block of time spent together before the day officially starts. Allowing you to take advantage of the peaceful ambiance and share heartfelt words, the first look photo shoot can calm your pre-wedding jitters.

Save some time for makeup touch-ups. The likelihood of shedding tears of joy is inevitable. Regardless, if you decide to take photos at a different location or capitalize on the space at your venue, relish in the private moments shared. Experience a rainbow of emotions without being the center of attention while your photographer captures candid photos. 

You may even try different looks… traditional, cultural, themed, etc. An added benefit to having first look photos is time efficiency. Photographing the couple, their wedding party, and family can be time consuming. Expect to be up much earlier to ensure an adequate timeline.

What to wear on your engagement session

I just got engaged and I am worried sick about what to wear. This special moment is more about you. Whether you are sending pictures to family and friends or you have decided to keep these pictures to yourself, outfits really don’t matter. We do anything from jeans and matching t-shirts to formal dress and tux. What makes you feel most comfortable? We encourage everyone to come to impress. Rings definitely are required to not only help others acknowledge the special moment but will be the biggest feature of the photo. We are so excited to see whatever outfits you choose. Congratulations!!!

Should I use a Videographer?

 Are you the type of person that loves special moments, off guards? We notice in many special moments, every ‘spur of the moment’ thing can’t be caught at first glance. However, what if you and your family decided to hire a videographer? There’s a lot that goes with it. 

A few benefits to hiring a videographer is that nothing will be missed. In order to capture even the most simple reaction such as a laughter or a tear, can only be caught best on video. Our greatest moments are the funny reaction of bride and groom kisses, or in-laws and best man cries.

Many times during an event, games and other festivities get missed. Dances, bouquet toss, speeches, etc may appear in pictures, but nothing is better than the full original. Videographers truly capture all things for the well needed recap. Wouldn’t you want to look back at these moments 1, 5, 10, 20, or even 50 years from now and feel as though you are there, living back in the moment all over again? 

Ask yourself, what should be considered before hiring a videographer? 

Before hiring a videographer, you have to waiver the cost. Please check our website for the prices and expenses of videography services. 

Can your venue hold the space? The more you hire, the more space used at your event. A huge part of a successful video session is to have an open space, not too cluttered, not too small. This gives not only the videographer room to work, but without a comfortable guest, videos may seem fake or rehearsed.

Our goal is to capture everyone in their element. Videos capture spontaneous yet intimate moments that can truly make the bride and grooms event come together. 

We are excited to work with you! 

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