An engagement is one of the happiest moments in your life, and an engagement photoshoot is a great way to share your joy with your loved ones. However, with so many engagement photo ideas, how do you know which one is best for you?

There are many types of engagement photo shoots, including formal engagement photos, sunset engagement photos, rustic engagement photos, and unique engagement photos that show off your personality as a couple. 

Here is your guide to the different types of engagement photos as well as how to pick out the right idea for you and your future spouse and find the right photographer.

Formal Engagement Photos

When most people think of engagement photos, the first type they think of is probably formal engagement photos. Formal engagement photo shoots to highlight the setting, outfits, and positioning of the couple in the photo. Usually, the backdrop is simple, such as a nice building or nature shoot.

What sets formal engagement shoots apart from other types of engagement photos is usually the clothing choices. Couples who opt for formal photos wear formalwear to the shoot, such as a suit for men and a long gown for women. The poses also tend to be typical engagement photo poses, such as the hands-on chest, kissing, and other poses.

Formal photos are a great choice for a couple that wants to treat the photo session as a special occasion and take the opportunity to dress up. They are also a great option for giving to older relatives. However, if you are a couple with a bold personality and want to express that in your photo shoot, a formal photo session may not be the best idea.

When choosing a photographer for a formal engagement photo session, look at the portfolio and choose one with experience in this type of photography. Your photographer should also be willing to guide you through what makes a formal shoot since that is a new experience for most people. If you want, you can make a deal for half the shoot to be shot in a formal style and the rest to be more casual.

Sunset Engagement Photography Photo Examples

Sunset Engagement Photos

For sunset engagement photos, the lighting is what matters. The backdrop of the setting sun will show off you and your partner in glorious lighting as the red, orange, and pink hues paint the picture of your love.

The main criterion for a sunset shoot is that you need to be somewhere where the sunset is visible and shines through. This can be a field, on the beach, or at an overlook. Usually, the photographer will style couples in simple clothing and not use many props to let the sunset shine.

If you are a couple that loves nature or wants a stunning backdrop for your photos, then sunset engagement photos are right for you. However, if you want a more formal photo shoot or one that is not done by a million other couples nationwide, then a sunset shoot is probably not right for you.

When choosing a photographer, make sure you choose one who has experience shooting at sunset, as the lighting conditions are unique and require a special skill set.

Kelly Photography Atlanta Rustic Engagement Photo with Brick Background
Kelly Photography Atlanta Engagement Photo Session in Lawrenceville GA

Rustic Engagement Photos

Rustic engagement photos are perfect for couples that love the outdoors. Every detail of the photo shoot is tailored to evoke an image of rural nostalgia. 

The backdrop is somewhere in nature or on a farm, showing off beautiful natural vistas and traditional farmhouses. The clothing choices are rural-inspired, such as flannel shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and earth-toned clothing. The poses are also more natural and rustic, incorporating lifts, farm equipment, and even pets.

Rustic engagement photos are very popular in certain regions of the United States, such as the rural South. For couples with a strong rural connection or appreciation for nature, rustic photos are gorgeous. However, if you are a city slicker through and through, a rustic photo shoot may feel unnatural to you. Plus, if you want to make the photo shoot feel special with more formal clothing, that choice in a rustic setting is impractical.

If you decide on a rustic engagement photo shoot, look for a photographer with experience shooting out in the field. If you don’t have a location in mind, your photographer can suggest some.

Kelly Photography Atlanta Casual Engagement Photo with couple at Alexander Park In Lawrenceville

Unique Engagement Photos

Formal, sunset and rustic photo shoots are great choices for engagement photos because they result in beautiful images. However, millions of other couples across the world had the same idea. If you don’t want your engagement photos to look the same as everyone else’s, or just want a photo to show off your personality, then unique engagement photos are the way to go.

By definition, unique engagement photos are hard to define because there are so many different ways for couples to express their personalities through engagement photos. Your photos can be unique through the backdrop: choose a location that is special to you and your interests, such as an abandoned building, a busy city street, or a fairground.

You can also find other ways to express your personality through photo shoots. Some couples find the stuffiness of traditional engagement photo poses stifling so they opt for funny poses that break some of the cheesiness of an engagement photo. Other couples choose unconventional outfits that represent their interests, including cosplay.

The most important thing to do when setting up a unique engagement photoshoot is to find a photographer who is on board with your unconventional idea. Make sure that you feel comfortable communicating your wants to your photographer, and don’t feel pressured into a traditional idea of an engagement photo shoot. It is your engagement, after all.

Final Thoughts

Engagement photos are not only a great way to share your good news with everyone that you love but also to express yourselves as a couple. Some conventional engagement photo styles are formal, sunset, and rustic, but you can do whatever you want as long as you find a photographer who is on board. Ultimately, the experience should be rewarding and happy.

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